HOD Education ( Dr. Divya Sharma):

Our department endeavors to impart quality education and produce students of excellence . we strive to be one of the best institution for education . our student are bringing laurels to the department by gaining good percentage and also by participating in various competitions. Our objective is “sky is not the limit . It is time to explore the unexplored “

HOD Physical Education ( Dr. Kailash Sharma ):

The department of physical education has come along way since its establishment .our department continues to grow both qualitatively and quantitively in the education and the fitness of our students. Our students have participated in University ,National and International levels and won many medals and have made their remarkable positions everywhere.

HOD Commerce ( Vivek Sharma):

Over the years we have developed a distinct style and methods of teaching in our department so that our student can have a strong foundation in commerce, problem solving techniques and are made adaptable to changes in the present scenario.

HOD Computer Science (Mr. Mohit Shrivastava):

In Today’s Era Computer Science has become overwhelmingly pervasive and our department has reminded true to the vision on which it was founded . our department has produced hundreds of Professionals and has established a name for itself in Chhattisgarh .