Convener: Dr. Kanchan Mishra


1. Dr. Seema Agrawal
2. Smt. Preeti Yadav
3. Shri Mohit Shrivastava
4. Smt. Priyanka Tiwari

Objectives of the ICT Cell

• To promote Education and Development.
• To Improve Learning Quality.
• To Promote Efficiency of Educational System.
• To Enhance Quality of Teacher Training.
• To Improve Educational Management.
• Expanding access to education is a matter of both economic development and social justice.
• Radio, Television and Computer related technologies have expanded outreach potential further, and higher education institutions have been at the forefront of this expansion.
• Expanding access also means integrating populations that have been traditionally excluded from education cultural and social reasons.
• The capacity of ICTs to reach students in any place and at any time has the potential to promote revolutionary changes in the traditional educational paradigm.
• A variety of ICT can facilitate not only delivery of instruction, but also learning process itself.
• ICT can promote international collaboration and networking in education and professional development.
• ICT can change the way teachers teach and that it is especially useful in supporting more student centered approaches to instruction and in developing the higher order skills and promoting collaborative activities.

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Facilities of ICT available and Number of Teachers using it

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